Pleiades World is currently under construction to be the first of it's kind interactive metaverse world for the spiritual and ufology community! We plan to integrate VR technology into a communal social media space that will take place in a visually stimulating other worldly setting

Imagine that TikTok and Instagram are things of the past. This is the new wave of social media. You log into Pleiades World through your computer or VR headset. You create your own home within the space. Your own space ship. Your own alien avatar. You meet with your friends, host your events in your ship or out in the land and attend events all within the space.

Pleiades World plans to implement crypto and NFT integration as well. This will be a fantastical, fun place for our community to enjoy! It will also be extremely user friendly to those who have never used this technology before.

The Story

Pleiades World is inspired by the true events from Lyra Rae's Alien Experiences series. You can find the video series on the princess of Pleiades website under videos or the princess of pleiades YouTube channel.

In late 2016, Lyra's world was turned upside down when she had her first UFO encounter where a spacecraft landed within feet of her and her friend late at night in the woods. This led her on a journey of questioning our reality and self discovery. She later had many more in person encounters with spacecraft and E.T.s every time she would return to that spot in the woods. They had stumbled upon a stargate.

The visuals in Pleiades World are all inspired by REAL visuals of the beings, places and things she has encountered throughout the years of being in contact. All stemming from the happenings in 2016.

EXPO 2023

help make pleiades world a reality!