I spent
6 Years and over $15,000

on certifications, retreats, courses, and healings over the course of my own spiritual journey.
You shouldn't have to.

Let me show you how to build a spiritual foundation that will give you the power to change your life, heal yourself, and protect yourself from negative influences.

In my 6 week course, I'll give you the guidance I wish I had during my awakening.

Starseed Basics Course

Who Am I?

I'm Lyra Rae.
Throughout my own spiritual journey, I was shocked at how hard it was to find clear, up to date, and accurate information.

I focused on being a healer and one-on-one starseed mentor for a while, but felt like I wasn't able to help as many people as I wanted to because I was so limited by my time.

Now that I've gotten to a later part of my journey, my goal is to provide valuable information in an easy to access way so that you can heal yourself and move forward into raising the global consciousness.

There's tons of info available online and in person, but these courses offer more than just information.

With the Princess of Pleiades courses, you get expert verified content delivered in multiple forms, easily accessible in one place.

Learning Alone

Our Courses

Conflicting information from different sources & times
Consistent, up to date information
Not time effective - Time wasted by searching
Efficiently organized so you can spend more time applying the concepts
Unclear where to go next
Clearly laid out step by step to maintain progress
Hard to stay consistent
Easily accessible to make consistency more possible
You're on your own if you have an issue
Support if you need it
No accountability
Goal oriented to keep you on track

I'll Pay You to Stick With it

If you finish the 6 week course within 8 weeks (I know life can be unpredictable) I'll give you back a percent of what you paid to use towards services or the more advanced levels of the course.

If you decide to apply the credit directly to the next level, you would get all of the course levels for the same price.

for questions about credit, course access, or support please email max@princessofpleiades.com


The best starting point for awakening starseeds. Build a strong foundation for your spiritual practice.

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Build upon the foundational knowledge with more exciting, advanced techniques and practices

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*with continuation credit applied


The most advanced course we offer.
Take your understanding of yourself and the universe to new heights.

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*with continuation credit applied

Ready to Start?

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Not Sure?

If you complete the course and feel like it didn't help you, email me personally at lyra@princessofpleiades.com and I will refund you 100% of the course cost.