Frequently Asked Questions

What is Multidimensional Healing?
Below is a video I made to help explain Multidimensional Healing.

Multidimensional Healing combines a range of different healing modalities including reiki, crystal healing, sound healing, intuitive energy reading and channeling.

Sessions are intended to activate DNA that lies dormant to open yourself up to your own psychic abilities and clear anything blocking you from your life purpose as well as connect you to your spirit guides and beings of love and light that are around you and work with you daily.

Sessions can be done remotely anywhere on the planet and are just as powerful as in-person sessions. All you need to do is lay down, relax, and let spirit guide me!

What is a starseed?
A starseed is someone who's soul has lived many lifetimes among different star systems.

Below is a video I made to help explain and clarify if you were wondering about yourself!
Are you a starseed?
I am! My soul's home is the star system Pleiades.

Do you offer healings?
I currently only offer one on one healing sessions as add-ons to the purchase of a course.

After becoming a parent recently, I have had to prioritize my time very carefully and decided that it's more impactful to focus on teaching healing through my courses. By doing that, I believe that there's more potential for healing energy to reach further across the world and improve more lives than me doing it myself.
What can you guarantee if I purchase a course?
I guarantee that I give you all of the tools, knowledge, information, and practices that you need to level up on your spiritual journey and open up to your psychic abilities. All that's left is your willingness to put in the work.