6 Weeks

Multidimensional Healing Level 3

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Lyra Rae
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Reiki / Multidimensional Healing Certification Level 3

Level 3 is a fantastic starting point for anyone who is not already a certified reiki practitioner, or those who may have already learned but want a refresher! In this 6 week course, you'll gain a foundational knowledge of reiki, how to use it to heal yourself, and how to begin incorporating different modalities into your healing practice.

Included in the Level 1 Certification Course

⭐How to channel reiki energy.

⭐The basics of traditional Usui reiki.

⭐How to heal yourself with reiki energy.

⭐ How balanced or imbalanced your chakras currently are, and how to balance them.

⭐ How to find your own unique healing style.

⭐ The first power symbol in reiki and how to use it.

You will receive

🤍 Attunements to reiki energy.

🤍 Knowledge of how to channel and use reiki properly and uniquely in your own way.

🤍 A certificate of completion stating you are now a reiki level 1 practioner and Multidimensional healer in training!

If you aren't sure if Level 1 is the right place for you to start, feel free to reach out and ask!